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With a successful 2019/2020 season now over, approximately 30,000 rural villagers now (over 65 villages) have access to clean water, 19 permanent water supplies have been built and many others repaired.  More than 40 banks of toilets and a dozen school construction projects have also been completed, among lots of smaller projects.
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Nambak Ethnic Boarding School Water Project, Northern Laos

This project is our featured project for the season. With over 600 students including primary and secondary, 39 teachers (most who live in small, shared dormitories on site), the school is sponsored by the Provincial Government for the most part. A vegetable field, tended to, by the students and a small fish pond augment the food supply for the students and live-in teachers. Up until now, the students were being fed twice per day, Monday through Friday, with only rice being offered on the weekends. Their water cost is not supported by the government at a cost of $10,000 to $12,000 USD per year. Our goal was to eliminate this cost, in favour of supporting the students food supply. In order to do this, Adopt A Village in Laos agreed to drill two water wells, provide water tanks and tie into the existing infrastructure, in addition to repairs needs for taps that didn’t work. It is exciting to see the results. Lets get acquainted with the school;

Student Body – Morning Attendance Check
More students
Student Assembly
So many students!

Boys Dormitory
Girls Common Area where they bathe and wash their clothes
School Kitchen
School Cafeteria?
Cafeteria #2
Drill Rig
Water Tanks and more Cement arrive
Students Assist the Workers to Raise the Water Tank into Position
Finished Product – Boys Tank
Official Handover of the Inaugural Pipe Wrenches
Selection of Students to Join in the Celebration
Thank You For Making a Positive Difference. Without You, This Could Not Have Been Done!
Special Thanks Also go to The Rotary Club of Scarborough, The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise, and HMA for their Annual Support

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