A Poem, by Diana Cabott

I would be remiss, if I didn’t include the latest poem our visiting poet from the Rotary Club of Ladner.  These were her thoughts;

The Third Tale of Laos

We were deep in the heart of Laos

The travel had been long, the road very hard.

Our families behind us..really only here a short time.

But surely enough for Bassi, Lao Lao and wine.

The pampas grass is as high, as the elephants eye.

And the mountains, well, they reach for the sky.

Some of us are young, and some of us are old.

The gifts we have brought to Laos 

It is to our hearts have brought the gold.

Looking back though I realize this trip was not the same

For this time a vision to me it came.

The vision I saw was not written in the sand.

No, in fact shining in the face of a man.

For I have seen serenity.

In the very face of a man.

They say he is humble.

They say a good man.

I don’t really know him, he is a stranger to me.

But clearly now, will no longer be.

Although these times will pass year after year

The memories we have now

Will always be clear.

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